those two from the roof - Ravena and .... / by Anthony Gibbins

So, it turns out that Jessica’s backstory is also the backstory of Ravena and… hmmm. What is that guy’s name?

Sorry to be so brief, but this weekend I've been busy with that article for PRIMA that I mentioned. Yet I would like to thank everyone who responded to my plea for help, on Twitter, on Facebook and here on the website. It certainly improved the article to include your accounts of using Legonium in the classroom, or indeed in your own learning.

As for, um, what’s his name… If you have an idea for a nomen, please post it as a comment. Crowd sourcing is fun!

Soon I heard three voices in the library. I was able to see nothing, but I heard Hadrian conversing with a man and a woman through the closed bookcase.