iacta alea est : the die is cast - attributed to Julius Caesar by the historian Suetonius, on the occasion of Caesar leading his troops across the Rubicon and into Italy, January 10, 49BC.
 Harrium valde taedet linguae Latinae studere.
 TOXIC is  @OxfordWords ’ 2018 Word of the Year. τοξον is the ancient Greek for bow, hence the adjective τοξικος : having to do with archery. φαρμακον is the Greek for medicine. φαρμακον τοξικον - a poison smeared on arrows - entered Latin as TOXICUM, taking on the meaning of ‘poison’.
 etiam sanato vulnere, cicatrix manet : even when the wound is healed, the scar remains  - traditional
 essem tener, essem mollis, valdeque iam humanus, si cor modo haberem : I’d be tender, I’d be gentle, and awful sentimental, if I only had a heart
 ~ puer qui vixit : the boy who lived ~ This is Peter Needham’s translation of Harrius Potter’s first chapter. I learnt a lot from his translation and go back to it often.