Francis Ritchie first published his  Fabulae Faciles (Easy Stories)  in 1884. They were intended to give intermediate Latin readers a bridge to reading Cicero and Caesar. There are four ‘easy stories’; Perseus (paragraphs 1-11), Heracles (paragraphs 12-56), Jason and the Argonauts (paragraphs 58-86) and Ulysses (paragraphs 81-100). The grammar becomes more complex as one reads on.  The work is no longer protected by copyright and can be found scattered across the internet. I copied this from, and used Geoffrey Steadman’s edition as a guide to adding macrons (although assume any errors are mine).  To make the text more accessible, I have highlight the subject of each verb (or group of verbs), as well as just enough of the ending of each verb to show person and number.