remember / by Anthony Gibbins

memini meminisse to remember is an interesting Verb, as you can see just by looking at its Principal Parts. They appear to be in the Perfect Tense. Or, as The Oxford Latin Dictionary explains it, they are Perfect Forms with Present force. So, while cognovi means I found out and cognovisse means to have found out, memini and meminisse mean I remember and to remember respectively.

memini is a rather versatile Verb. It can be used with a straight up Object in the Accusative Case; tuam fabulam memini I remember your story. Indeed, that is how it is used on today’s page; omnia memini I remember everything.

It can be used with an Indirect Statement, usually to recount the direct memory of an eyewitness; memini nautam advenire I remember a sailor arrived.

It can be used with an Indirect Question; memeni ubi sarcina sit I remember where the suitcase is.

Or it can stand alone; memini I remember!

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. It can even be used in the Imperative form memento, along with an Infinitive Verb, to remind someone to do something; memento revenire Remember to come back!

Thank you to everyone who responded to my call for names yesterday. I liked many of them, but have chosen one. I finished writing the first draft of Episode Eleven last night - the name features prominently within.

Jessica pauses a little. Miranda and Marcellus watch her intently. At last, she continues. ‘I remember everything well. These are the very words which Hadrian said to them: