Legonium needs your help / by Anthony Gibbins

salvete comites. We interrupt our standard schedule to ask for your help. I am writing an article for a Classics magazine called PRIMA. They are particularly interested in hearing how Legonium is used as a resource for people both teaching and learning Latin. Not surprisingly, I have left this to the last minute - the deadline is May 15. I would appreciate any and all help you can give me with this; do you use Legonium in either your teaching or in your own learning? If so, how? You can leave your response as a comment below. A brief two sentences would be a thousand times better than nothing at all.

Thank you so much,


ps. How cool is that sliding bookcase?

Therefore, I secretly returned into his house. I silently entered the library and crept to the bookcase. For the bookcase of Hadrian conceals a secret door. With the door opened, I hid myself inside.