index verborum – aedificia et cetera / by Anthony Gibbins

A couple of days ago I decided it would be a sensible idea to start making lists of the words that have appeared in Legonium. I was speaking with a Latin teacher in Boston who uses a great deal of spoken Latin in her classroom. One of the reasons Legonium was popular with her students, she said, was the high level of repetition of vocabulary. I started making lists of Nouns.  I have only worked through the first four episodes, but already have an extensive list concerning the town itself, the buildings, the parts of buildings, and furniture.

Legonium ipsum

oppidum                                  town

via                                           street

aedificium                               building

argentaria                               bank

caupona                                  restaurant

lavatrina vestimentorum       laundromat

taberna                                   tavern

tonstrina                                 barbershop

monumentum                         monument (this was in reference to ancient ruins)


Parts of a Building

tabulatum                               story (building)

tectus                                      roof

caminus                                  chimney

maenianum                            balcony

pedeplana                               ground floor

cenaculum                              attic room

conclave                                  room

cubiculum                               room

culina                                      kitchen

sedes officii                            office

scallae                                     stairs/ladder

gradus                                     step

paries                                      wall

ianua                                       door

posticum                                 back door

fenestra                                  window

pavimentum                           floor


Things Found in a Building

lectus                                      bed

sella                                        chair

focus                                       fireplace

scrinium                                  desk (in Roman times it referred to a case for papers)

horologium                             clock

pictura                                     picture


Without a doubt this building is already well known to you. Situated on the ground floor are a tavern, named the Highlander, and the barbershop of Alan.