the Dative giveth and the Dative taketh away / by Anthony Gibbins

Back on February 3rd, I posted a piece on the Dative Case, and its usefulness for Giving, Saying and Showing something To Someone, as well as for Doing something For Someone. There were the following examples;

Claudia donum Mirandae dat. Claudia gives a present to Miranda.

Claudia fabulam Mirandae narrat. Claudia tells a story to Miranda.

Claudia picturam Mirandae ostendit. Claudia shows a picture to Miranda.

Miranda cenam Claudiae parat. Miranda prepares dinner for Claudia.

In the first three Sentences Mirandae is in the Dative Case. In the last Sentence the name in the Dative Case is Claudiae.

What I didn’t touch on in that post is that the Dative Case, which can be used to Give something To Someone, can also be used to Take It Away.

nauta sarcinam viro et feminae dat. The sailor gives the suitcase to the man and woman. Jessica sarcinam viro et feminae aufert. Jessica takes the suitcase from the man and woman.


On the roof, moreover, are (versantur) these two people, to whom (quibus) the sailor gave a suitcase and [from whom (quibus)] Jessica took it away. You are able to see them now through the door of the room.