The Story So Far: All you need to know before reading Episode Eight / by Anthony Gibbins

Okay. There's been some pretty crazy stuff going down in Legonium of late. A few days ago a sailor came into town carrying a suitcase full of money. He gave it to this couple who have a hideout on the roof of a building, in exchange for a huge diamond. But then a woman dressed entirely in black – with a mask and some awesome ninja skills – snuck into their hideout and stole it away from them. Her name is Jessica, but that’s about all we know. Jessica was spotted climbing down the side of the building by Miranda, Legonium’s police officer. There was a  brief confrontation - Jessica knows Miranda's name, and Miranda wants to know how - then Jessica made a run for it. She hid the suitcase in a garbage dumpster to get away; she needed both hands free to climb a drain-pipe. But then, when she came back for the suitcase, Marcellus, a local artist with significant bank debts, had already found it. And the money! By the way, the couple from the hideout were following Jessica too. Although we don't know how much they saw. Yet.

What was Marcellus doing in the dumpster? That’s a really long story, and one I won’t get into here. But it involves the (above mentioned) sailor, an ancient history enthusiast named Claudia, and a barber named Alan. Alan is really cool. A reader from Boston recently commented that he looks like Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec. I can see what she means. Alan has a son named Scipio who once asked for money to see a movie. Is that important? Not really, but it shows he likes movies. Anyway, the couple on the roof have lost a suitcase and Marcellus has recently come into a lot of money. What will he do with it? Wait and see. What should he do with it? That, freinds, is a far more complicated question.

Be well reader. I see that you have returned again. Bravo! Today I have in mind to introduce to you a private investigator.