dies natalis reginae 3 of 3 / by Anthony Gibbins

I guess if I was writing about this page I would have drawn attention to the three Perfect Passive Participles in the second and third sentences; aperta having been opened, extractam having been extracted, and destricto having been drawn. Just for kicks, here is what it would take to write the second and third sentences without Participles.

Jessica sarcinam aperit. Jessica opens the suitcase. Jessica pecuniam e sarcina extrahit. Jessica extracts the money from the suitcase. Jessica pecuniam in solum deicit. Jessica throws the money onto the floor. Jessica cultrum destringit. Jessica draws a knife. partem sarcinae interiorem cultro subito secat. She suddenly cuts the interior part of the suitcase with the knife.

Jessica, however, is not at all bothered. She throws the money [having-been] extracted from the [having-been] opened suitcase onto the floor. Then she suddenly cuts the interior part of the suitcase with a [having-been] drawn knife.