The Magnificent Car – A Grammatical Commentary / by Anthony Gibbins

Today’s page has three sentences and an exclamation. The bare bones of the first sentence are Marcellus descendit Marcellus descends. scalis by the stairs is known as an Ablative of Instrument because it is in the Ablative Case and tells us the instrument Marcellus is using to descend. ad viam is a Prepositional Phrases meaning to the street.

Marcellus descends the stairs to the street.

The exclamation is ecce! look! see! lo! behold!


The bare bones of the second sentence are agitator eum exspectat a driver is waiting for him. Out of interest, agitator is the word for a chariot driver. infra is an Adverb meaning below. cum autoraeda is Prepositional Phrase meaning with a car. autoraeda is described by the Adjective magnifica magnificent.

A driver waits for him below with a magnificent car.

The bare bones of the third sentence are Monas eum intuetur Monas is watching him. intuetur is a Deponent Verb, so it has a Passive ending but an Active meaning. The Adverb adhuc means still.

Monas is still watching him.