Meanwhile, Marcellus… – A Grammatical Commentary / by Anthony Gibbins

Today’s page has only two sentences. The bare bones of the first sentence are Marcellus it Marcellus is going. The Ablative of Time When hoc tempore at this time tells us when this is happening. There are two Prepositional Phrases that provide further detail. in alia parte means in another part. parte is expanded upon by oppidi of the town. trans maenianum means across the balcony. maenianum is expanded upon by cauponae of the restaurant. Marcellus is described by the Perfect Passive Participle indutus having been adorned. vestimentis by clothing - in the Ablative Case - tells us by what Marcellus is adorned, or what he is wearing. vestimentis is described by two Adjectives, conjoined by et and. The first is novis new and the second is pretiosis expensive.

At this time, in another part of town, Marcellus is going across the balcony of the restaurant wearing new and expensive clotheing.

The bare bones of the second sentence are Monas Brickvir eum spectat Monas Brickvir is watching him. The Adverb clam means secretly. I really like the way he is glancing out between his hat and the newspaper.

Monas Brickvir is secretly watching him.