Claudia Mirandaque / by Anthony Gibbins

Here we encounter Claudia for the first time. We also see the inside of the Montanus, or Highlander. The Highlander is part of the set called The Detective's Office, which was released at the beginning of 2015. In this shot you can see something of the inside detail, the trophy case, dart board and pool table.

comiter is an adverb with connections to the noun comes. The Oxford Latin Dictionary defines comes as 'one who goes with or accompanies another, a companion, friend or comrade, a partner or associate', among other things. When I think of someone greeting a person comiter, I just think of how one tends to greet a comes. For the sake of translation, however, I will translate comiter as 'in a friendly manner.'

Claudia, a friend of Miranda, is waiting for her in the Montanus. She greets her as-she-enters (present participle) in a friendly manner. Miranda responds in a friendly manner.