The Highlander / by Anthony Gibbins

I've mentioned Rusticatio a few times now, the week long full Latin emersion held annually in Virginia. One thing I may not have mentioned is the incredible warmth of the participants. One way that this warmth manifests is through the use of noster/nostra, 'our'. I still remember the first time, sitting in the ula scholastica, that a more experienced Latin speaker referred to me as Antonius noster. I wanted to create that feeling around Miranda.

Miranda is on her way to the pub. And what a gorgeous pub it is. You can see that it has its name, The Highlander, printed on its windows. montanus is Latin for mountain dweller, which seems a fair translation of Highlander. A female mountain dweller would be a montana, but apparently the name of the state Montana comes from a Spanish word meaning 'mountainous country'.

By the way, I think this page might have the first purpose clause in Legonium

Our Miranda is walking to the pub to meet with her good friend there. This small pub is called 'The Highlander'.