hey, it's him! / by Anthony Gibbins

ecce! Scipio is that small boy with the awesome t-shirt who saw Pico walking through the restaurant way back in episode 3.

But, more importantly, how great is it that heus is a Latin word! The Oxford Latin Dictionary, which usually has plenty to say about everything, defines it thus;

heus, interjection (used to attract a person’s attention).

When the Trojan hero Aeneas meets his mother, the goddess Venus, in Book I of the Aeneid she greets him and his friend with a cheery heus, iuvenes! Hey, young men! If that seems a little casual for the goddess of love and desire, know that she was in disguise at the time, hoping to convince her son that she was a young Spartan woman out hunting.

‘Hey,’ Scipio responds to his father as he exits. ‘I should like to visit the theatrum cinematographeum, but I have no money. The kind father gives money to his son.