Scipio (et quo it Claudia?) / by Anthony Gibbins

There is a good reason why Alan’s son is called Scipio. I plan to jump the shark one day with a full episode of Legonium that is a kid’s dream. It will give me an excuse to throw into Legonium the whole gambit of Lego – werewolves, dragons, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, and an AT-AT walker.

The episode will be called somnium Scipionis.

And do you like Claudia’s backpack? It belongs to Finn the Human and came in the Lego Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack. I’ve only ever watched about three episodes of Adventure Time, but I’ve heard it's very good – especially for teenagers. You are probably wondering where Claudia is going. I cannot wait to show you!

Marcellus sits in the seat. While Alan is cutting Marcellus’ hair, Scipio, Alan’s son, lightly knocks on the window. ‘Hello!’ Alan happily shouts to his son as he exits.