The Legonium Like-a-Matic (TM) / by Anthony Gibbins

'pictura mihi placet!', says the sailor. 'naves mihi placent!', he may have said too. What pleases you? What do you like?

With the Legonium Like-a-Matic (TM), stating your likes has never been easier. Simply choose from our long list of Likeable Things (TM) and add mihi placent! It’s that simple! And useful!

plaustra siphonaria fire trucks, chartulae creditoriae credit cards, arcae cursuales letter boxes, cellae telephocicae phone booths, armariola potionum minibars, carrula emptionis shopping trolleys, venditores actorum diurnorum newsagents, tabellae socolatae chocolate bars, capsica acerrima chillies, fiscinae pomorum fruit baskets, casei molles soft cheeses, placentae nuptiales wedding cakes, sacculi theae tea bags, thermopolia mobilia food trucks, ova elixa boiled eggs, thecae calamariae pencil cases, perspicilla protectoria safety goggles, retinacula taeniae adhaesivae sticky tape dispensers, terebrae pneumaticae jackhammers, hauritoria pulveris vacuum cleaners, obturationes viae traffic jams, birotae automatae motor bikes, stationes ferriviariae train stations, clavae alsulegiae hockey sticks, citharae graves bass guitars, culcitae inflabiles inflatable mattresses, machinae sutoria sewing machines, hippocampi seahorses

mihi placent casei molles et retinacula taeniae adhaesivae! quae tibi placent?

'Do you like the picture?' Claudia asks. 'I like it very much,' the sailor responds. 'For I very much admire ships.'