de Marcello / by Anthony Gibbins

Marcellus est pictor qui Legonii habitat. Marcellus est pictor optimus cui placet picturas pingere. saepe picturas pingit. Marcellus habitat in parvo cubiculo, nomine cenaculo, sito in summo tabulato pulchri aedificii.

Marcellus multam pecuniam argentariae debet. sed Marcellus illam pecuniam non habet. necesse est ei centum dollares celeriter invenire. sperat picturam navis quae in taberna pendet vendere ut nonnullam pecuniam capiat.

Marcellus is a painter who lives in Legonium. Marcellus is an excellent painter whom it pleases (who likes) to paint pictures. He often paints pictures. Marcellus lives in a small room, called a cenaculum, situated on the top story of a beautiful building.

Marcellus owes much money to the bank. But Marcellus does not have that money. It is necessary for him to quickly find one hundred dollars. He hopes to sell the picture of a ship which hangs in the tavern to get some (not none) money.

Claudia meanwhile enters the tavern called The Highlander. She sees the sailor looking closely at the painting painted by Marcellus. The picture seems to please the sailor.