How Strange! / by Anthony Gibbins

In this shot we can see the rooftops of two modular buildings, the Parisian Restaurant and the Detective Office. We can also see the water tower on the roof of the latter, as well as the top two letters of the ‘POOL’ sign that hangs over the Montanus. But more importantly, we see the figure that appeared on the roof of the bank at the close of our first story.

Did you see the Lego Movie? Do you remember Unikitty, with her unicorn horn and colourful tail? Those tail pieces were produced in grey to form part of an architectural flourish. See if you can spot them in the picture!

Pico is also able to walk from-here (hinc) to the roof of the neighbouring building. Look! A certain woman is also hanging-around (versatur) on the roof. How strange!