nescio quo modo / by Anthony Gibbins

I love the expression, nescio quo modo, “I don’t know how’. In fact, I love all the little asides that begin with nescio. I don’t know who (nescio quis), I don’t know why (nescio cur), I don’t know when (nescio quando), I don’t know what (nescio quid) et cetera. Another way to think of these expressions is as meaning somehow, someone, for some reason, at some time, and something.

It’s also interesting that Latin lacks a single word for ‘how’ but uses the expression quo modo, ‘by what method’. (Although it is often written quomodo, with the appearance of a single word.)

Then Pico, I do not know how, climbs onto the roof of the building. Standing on the building Pico is able to watch the whole town.