Meanwhile, in an alternate (Cambridge Latin) universe… / by Anthony Gibbins

coquus est in culina. coquus in culina dormit. Pico intrat. Pico circumspectat. cibus est in mensa. Pico salit. Pico in mensa stat. coquus sterit. Pico murmurat. coquus surgit. coquus est iratus. ‘pestis! furcifer!’ coquus clamat. Pico exit.

The cook is in the kitchen. The cook is sleeping in the kitchen. Pico enters. Pico looks around. The food is on the table. Pico jumps. Pico stands on the table. The cook snores. Pico purrs. The cook gets up. The cook is angry. ‘Pest! Scoundrel!’ the cook shouts. Pico exits.

This is the level of Latin in the first few Gilbo stories, also available on If you haven’t already, check them out.

Then Pico enters the kitchen. The cook who is cooking in the kitchen is kind. Although (quamquam) busy, he always prepares something of food (aliquid cibi) for Pico.