Spaceship, Spaceship SPACESHIP!!! / by Anthony Gibbins

Lego makes a long-sleeved minifigure t-shirt (tuniculam) adorned with a psychedelic Lego spaceman. That’s pretty awesome!

animadvertere became a favourite Latin word, as soon as I encountered it. The range of meanings offered by Cassell’s Latin Dictionary is ‘to take notice of’, ‘attend to’, ‘perceive’, ‘observe’. What appealed to me was the two halves of the word, and how they worked together. animus, Cassell’s says, defines ‘the spiritual or rational principle of life in humans (as opposed to corpus, the body)’ and ‘the seat of thought, intellect, mind’. vertere means ‘to turn’. Thus, to turn the animus towards something, is to notice it.

Pico hurries through the restaurant. No one (nemo) notices him except (nisi) this small boy wearing (gerens) an excellent t-shirt.