Last Month - On Legonium / by Anthony Gibbins

If you would like to read a spoiler crammed summary, in English, of Legonium Episodes One to Nine, you can do so here. If you wish to find out what happened last month, in Episode Ten, then read on.

The police officer, Miranda, takes Jessica and Marcellus to a café for questioning. Due to the loquacious parrot, Miranda now knows Jessica to be the individual who escaped her with a suitcase.  Marcellus doesn’t yet know much, so the two listen as Jessica unfolds her origin story.

Jessica was once an associate of a gentleman named Hadrian - we saw him in Episode Four bringing a suitcase to Ravena and … the other guy. He is a collector of marvelous things, and he received word - and a map - of an ancient Roman book, long lost, that he wanted Jessica to help him rediscover. Jessica wanted to share this book with the world, while Hadrian wanted it only for himself. There was a quarrel, and Jessica departed in anger, soon deciding to find the book herself.

Jessica crept back into Hadrian’s library and hid behind a secret door. That is when Ravena and … the other guy entered and were tasked with finding the lost manuscript. First, however, to ensure they could be trusted, Hadrian gave them another task. Go to a faraway town and steal a precious gem from a bank. If they were to do this, Hadrian promised, he would bring them a suitcase with much money - their reward - and a map showing the book’s location.

Jessica informs Miranda and Marcellus that Hadrian’s plan was going well, until Jessica stole the suitcase. But the suitcase was lost, and Marcellus found it, and now has possession. Jessica is anxious lest it fall back into the hands of Ravena and … the other guy. Not to worry - Miranda says she has a plan. They will catch these two in the act, holding the book. Suddenly, someone says hello. It is Claudia, back from Pompeii. Awesome.

Meanwhile, private detective Monas Brickvir is waiting for Ravena. When she arrives, he tells her what he has learnt; that Marcellus has the suitcase. Cut to our narrator, who wonders aloud as to the nature of Miranda’s plan.

<fade to black>

Hello reader. I am glad that you are here. Perhaps you remember that Miranda recently conceived of a plan. Now it is time for us to watch Miranda and the others following the plan.