dies natalis reginae 1 of 3 / by Anthony Gibbins

In my small colony of New South Wales, we have a long weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday this week. Everyone loves a long weekend. The streets have been a little quieter, there is an extra day to do the washing, and I even went to a Sunday night party! Meanwhile, I’ve been writing the Episode 12 story - the final finale! Episode 12 is going to be BIG! Not only are we returning to Pompeii (sorry for the spoiler, if you haven’t finished Episode 11), but I am also building three other location sets - although I won’t give away what they are. So I’ve been busy.

This is my excuse for not blogging these last past days. So, rather than fall behind, I’m going to catch up now with a few simple translation posts. Thank you for your understanding. And Happy Birthday, Elizabeth II.

‘Where is the suitcase?’ Miranda asks immediately. Marcellus, running to the bedroom, shouts ‘Under the bed!’. Jessica and Claudia meanwhile look at Marcellus’ excellent pictures.