aedes Hadriani / by Anthony Gibbins

This is a wonderful build. I wish I could say that I knew who built it, but the truth is I found it by searching Lego mansion on Google. Any attempt to track down the builder took me to a Pintrest echo chamber, of which I could find no way through. If you would like to see the model in its full and original glory, search Lego mansion for yourself - I had to crop the picture and darken it significantly, to hide the fact that it was standing in front of an equally impressive bookcase. But all that aside, it truly is a thing of wonder. Every day I see something online that makes me stop and say, People are so clever.

This is the home of Hadrianus, a collector of marvelous things. The name Hadrianus means of the Adriatic, a suitable Latin name for a sailor. The text of this page contains some nice grammatical structures. There is the Impersonal Verb in cui placuit to whom it was pleasing or whom it pleased, the Adjective plenus full with the Ablative talibus rebus with such things indicating what it is full of, the Double Dative ei auxilio a help to him, and the Gerund in in colligendo in the (act of) collecting.

I was then an associate of a certain man, named Hadrianus, whom it pleased very much to collect marvelous things. His house was filled with such things. I was a help to him in collecting.