The End of April / by Anthony Gibbins

salvete amici amicaeque. I do hope that this message finds you well. Thank you, once again, for the support that has been shown Legonium, especially throughout April. Next month (i.e. tomorrow) will see the release of Legonium pars decima, which has a slightly different feel to what has come before. As Miranda questions Jessica, we learn a little of Jessica’s history, and find that there is more to the suitcase than a whole lot of cash. And for those of you with an interest in the Lego Modular Series, you will see a little more of the most recent set, the impressive Assembly Square.

Speaking of Assembly Square, it now features in the beginning of pars prima. Check it out! I have retaken a few of the photographs from episodes one and two that I was never really happy with. I haven’t made any change to the text, however - Han still shoots first! 

Meanwhile, I have been thinking a good deal about the future of Legonium. Episodes one to twelve will conclude the story of the suitcase, which I will call Season One. I have plans for what will probably be a three-part love story exploring the history of two Legonium characters, but that will not begin until later in the year. Season Two will hopefully follow that, whenever one of the Muses visits with an appropriate concept. In the meantime, we will be seeing videos of each episode of Season One, with a narrator reading the text.

Some readers may be aware that I once had a YouTube series called Learning Latin with Virgil, aimed at complete Latin beginners. A few people have said that the course helped them to begin their Latin studies. Introducing Latin to a new audience is a passion of mine, and I would like to make it part of what Legonium offers. To that end, as soon as Season One finishes, my prime focus will be on developing the start of another beginner course, making the most of Lego.

Lastly, I have a dilemma. I am kept up nights wondering whether Season One - when completed - should be released in English. I could post an English version - one episode, one week at a time - over the space of three months. The advantages are that it might bring a new audience to the site and may be a useful resource for both teachers and learners. The risk, as I see it, is that it might take something away from what makes the story so special - that to enjoy it, one must read it in Latin. I am honestly torn as to which is the better course, and if you have any opinion at all, I would welcome hearing from you.

Well, that is all from me for now. Be well.


I hope that this part of the story was pleasing to you. Miranda has found her fugitive in the pet store, but what will she do now? I hope that you will return soon. Be well!