Nevertheless, She Persists - A Grammatical Commentary / by Anthony Gibbins

Today’s page contains two sentences. The bare bones of the first sentence - Miranda is thinking this to herself - are me oportebit revenire it will behove me to return. Notice the Future Tense oportebit it will behove. Two Adverbs tell us when it will behove, and they are cras tomorrow and mane in the morning. Telling us where it will behove Miranda to return, we have the Prepositional Phrase ad illum locum to that place. And ad illum locum is expanded upon with unde femina fugit from which the woman fled.

‘Tomorrow morning it will behove me to return to that place from which the woman fled.

The second sentence has two parts; the second being the Main Clause secum fessa putat she, tired, is thinking with herself. The Verb putat means she is thinking. secum is actually a Prepositional Phrase meaning with herself. If se was any other word it would be written, for example, cum amicis with friends. But when cum appears with certain Pronouns, the Pronoun begins the phrase and the two words meld together. The subject of putat does not need to be stated, as the -at ending confirms that it is Third Person Singular. Therefore, we can assume it is Miranda from the sentences that came before. This assumed Subject is described by the Adjective fessa tired.

Tired, she is thinking to herself…

The first part of the second sentence outlines what Miranda is thinking, in a direct quotation. It contains some interesting grammar. Let’s begin with fortasse perhaps potero I will be able cognoscere to find out. This is followed by an Indirect Question quomodo me effugerit how she escaped me. effugerit is Perfect Subjunctive. The Verb in an Indirect Question is always Subjunctive. The Tense, however, will change.  loco inspiciendo means by inspecting the area. inspiciendo is a Gerundive, but it is not a Gerundive of Obligation. A Gerund or Gerundive in the Ablative Case tells us how something is achieved. This is not, by any means, a full explanation, but this is not the place to go into this further.

‘Perhaps by inspecting the area I will be able to find out how she escaped me.’