Playing to Form / by Anthony Gibbins

This seems to me the beginning of every detective story ever; although my ‘research’ consisted mainly of re-watching the first half hour or so of Rodger Rabbit. (I don’t think I’d seen it since it was on at the cinemas.) I don’t have too much to say about today’s page. I’ve already written a post on Ablatives of Manner, which you can read here. And Imperative Verbs, which you can read here. sedens sitting is a Present Participle, but I’ll have more to say about these another day. I do find the expression ianuam pulsat a little intriguing, only in as much as taken out of context it could be taken to mean punch the door. But I guess that doesn’t happen too often.

Suddenly, however, someone knocks on the door. Monas does not get up but sitting shouts ‘Come in!’ in a loud voice. A woman opens the door and enters.