take the Legonium Fabulae quiz! (I did) / by Anthony Gibbins

So, occasionally, maybe once every couple of weeks, I google Legonium to see what comes up. There is often something new. I have found a Quizlet set, some lessons plans, a Pinterest post, and a handful of links from Russia, the Netherlands, France, the USA and Rome. It’s cool to think that people and organisations are mentioning Legonium on their websites, and even cooler to think of it making its way into people’s classrooms. Yesterday I found something that I really enjoyed.


It is a Multiple Choice Quiz on Episodes 2-3 of Legonium. It is full of good humour and was a real pleasure to sit; I’m proud to say that I scored full marks! I hope you’ll give it a try and report back on how you did.  I don’t know who made it, but I’d love to hear from them if they read this. Indeed, I’d be grateful to hear from anyone who is using Legonium in the classroom, or in the home, to teach themselves or another Latin. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make Legonium a place for Latin learners, and any feedback on how it is currently being used would be valuable. If you can spare five minutes to let me know, I really would appreciate it. You can leave it as a comment to this post. Ta.

‘Therefore, it behoves me to find someone (or someone) who seems to be richer by much than before. But how shall I find her (or him)?’