so happy together / by Anthony Gibbins

happy, happier, happiest : All three are Adjectives. In grammatical terms, they are adjectives of differing Degree. The three Degrees of an Adjective (or an Adverb, for that matter) are Positive (happy), Comparative (happier) and Superlative (happiest or very happy).

Alanus est laetus. Alan is happy. Scipio est laetior quam Alanus. Scipio is happier than Alan. parvus canis est laetissimus. The small dog is very happy. parvus canis est quam laetissimus. The small dog is as happy as you can possibly imagine.

This little dog is so happy, because he has found both a new friend and a new home with Scipio.  He is also quite rare, by the way, having only ever appeared along with the Series 16 Collectable Minifigure, Dog Show Winner. If you’d like, you can check the Dog Show Winner out here, on the Brickset website. If you like Lego and don’t know Brickset, you are about to be very happy indeed.

Do you know what makes me very happy? The Latin word for together, una. It is an Adverb, but obviously has its origins in the Latin number unus one. It is written with a long final a, like an Ablative, and I prefer to think of it as a kind of Ablative of Manner. una exeunt. Not just they exit together but they exit as though they are one.

Soon Alan and Scipio and the small dog exit out of the pet store together. ‘Be well!’ the shop keeper shouts. ‘Be well!’ the parrot repeats. The very happy dog walks beside Scipio.