The Latin Summer School, Sydney / by Anthony Gibbins

This week is a very exciting week for Classics in my home town of Sydney. It is the week that Sydney University is playing host to the 23rd Latin Summer School. Here are some details from the Summer School’s own website;

The Latin Summer School, held annually in January at the University of Sydney, was founded by the late Professor Kevin Lee and Dr Trevor Evans. It attracts over 200 students of all ages, from 13 up. It consists of daily tutorial sessions on a wide selection of Latin texts (provided) at all levels from beginners to advanced. The tutorials are conducted by experienced teachers from universities and schools in NSW and ACT.

In addition, there is a series of lectures: a choice of two or three each day, except for the first day when there is traditionally a key note lecture. These lectures cover a wide variety of topics of classical interest. Exceptionally, the key note lecture will be replaced in 2017 by a performance of a shortened version of Plautus's comedy Menaechmi, staged by Dr Anne Rogerson and students from the Latin Department at the University of Sydney. The performance will be in Latin with English surtitles.

One of the things that impresses me about the Latin Summer School, is that people of all ages are grouped together to indulge in their love of Latin. In our classes there are school students about to begin their final year of high school together with classists with decades of experience. Then there are those returning to Latin after a significant hiatus. One gentleman comes to mind, who last studied Latin back in 1956. There are even two women who have come straight from a one-week intensive Ancient Greek Summer School – my hat goes off to them! Today a student from a local high school told me that he was enjoying spending time with people who saw Latin as a hobby rather than a subject.

If you are a Sydney resident who has never attended the Summer School, I highly recommend it. If you are planning to trip to Australia, you might want to line it up with this wonderful event.

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