Banksy / by Anthony Gibbins

The sides of a Lego modular kit are, as a rule, not as beautiful as their front and back. To use an expression my mother uses, they can look a little hodge-podge. You see, when putting interesting details on the inside of a room, the outside often pays the cost. Take a look at today’s picture. Inside the Montanus is an attractive block of black wall, upon which hang the cues for the pool table. It looks great! But it means that the same block of black wall must also exist on the outside, where it makes no sense at all. To be fair, the modular kits are made to be pushed up against one other, so this rarely causes a problem. But on occasions like this, it does.

Luckily we live in the age of digital manipulation. I was able to make a minifigure that looked more or less like the iconic Bansky piece of an anarchist throwing flowers. The flowers came with a Hippy minifigure I bought at a Lego fair about eight months back. The face mask came with the Lego Bank. I took the photo with my phone (I took it from above, the minifigure is actually lying on my desk), then ran it through about six of those drawify apps that you can get for your phone. I picked the best one, and voila! A Bansky.

But sliding down the rope, Jessica was sighted by our Miranda, guarding her town below. ‘Hey!’ Miranda shouted.