Waiting for Pico or The Wooden Horse Part 1 of 12 / by Anthony Gibbins

As we await the October 1 arrival of Legonium pars tertia, here is some complete nonsense in 12 parts. The Wooden Horse. Part 1

From the translation of The Aeneid, Book II by John Dryden

All were attentive to the godlike man,

When from his lofty couch he thus began:

‘Great queen, what you command me to relate

Renews the sad remembrance of our fate:

An empire from its old foundations rent,

And ev'ry woe the Trojans underwent.’


equus equus is a noun that means 'horse'. It is here written in the nominative case, because that is the case used to indicate the subject of a sentence - which is also appropriate for a title like this one.

ligneus ligneus is an adjective meaning 'made of wood'. Here it is in the masculine, singular, nominative form because that is the form needed to 'agree with' equus, the noun that it is describing.

Translation: The Wooden Horse