Gilbo Legonium advenit / by Anthony Gibbins

We interrupt our scheduled broadcast to bring you this special announcement. We will return to the office of Augustus, and our ongoing series, tomorrow.

Gilbo has arrived in Legonium.

What is a Gilbo?

Not what, but who. Gilbo is the star of his own series of short Latin stories. They are set is a fantasy world of evil orcs, powerful wizards, unfortunate slaves and a painter whose artwork predicts the future. There are around 16 in the series, and they will be released over the following two months.

Who can read Gilbo?

Anyone with just the tiniest amount of Latin. Gilbo stories are a good deal easier to read than Legonium stories. In fact, they have been specifically written to use only grammar and vocabulary as it is introduced in the first four chapters of the Cambridge Latin Course. The caption under the title page will tell you when you are ready for the next Gilbo story.

Haven’t I heard of Gilbo before?

Possibly. Gilbo stories have been available on the remarkable Tar Heel Reader website for around eight years now. They will, of course, remain available there. But the new Legonium editions will have all new pictures, true to the original but with a further layer of polish.

How do you make the characters?

The characters are created on the fantastic and entirely free to use South Park Studio website  If you or your students are illustrating stories, this website can be a very powerful tool.