So far, on Legonium / by Anthony Gibbins

A Sunday morning seems a good time for a leisurely recap, especially for those who have only recently arrived in Legonium.

So far we know that there is a bank, a laundromat, a French restaurant (that sells a surprising amount of pizza) and a bar called the Montanus, or Highlander. There is an apartment above the restaurant and an attic apartment above that.

The attic apartment houses Marcellus, a painter, who enjoys painting and walking in the street. He dabbles is a range of styles, from modernism to abstract expressionism. He has a painting of a ship on display in the Montanus, which he hopes to sell for $100.

The larger apartment is inhabited by Miranda. She sleeps late into the day, because she has to work all night. We don’t know why, but I have a feeling we will find out. She has a friend called Claudia and they like to meet in the Montana, play pool and eat at the restaurant. Claudia likes to talk about ancient monuments, but that’s all we know about her for now.

Augustus is the manager of the bank. He wears a nice suit and has a pocket watch.  When we meet him he is cleaning the bank’s clock. And speaking of the bank, what about that woman, dressed all in black, who was looking down through the skylight one dark night?

And then there is Pico the cat who, and I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, is the star of Legonium pars tertia, which releases in October. He is pretty damn awesome.

After the game, Miranda and Claudia are hungry. They go to the restaurant to dine. Soon it is time for Miranda to prepare herself for duty.