Or rather... / by Anthony Gibbins

immo is another interesting word. It is a particle that may begin a sentence to indicate that the sentence corrects something that has come before. It may be used to completely negate what was previously said, to correct one part of a previous claim, or to supply a more precise version of a stated fact (among other things). Here immo corrects the idea that everyone is awake with the more precise 'everyone except Miranda'.

There are two other interesting expressions. The first is multum in diem which means late into the day. I've only seen it as multam in noctem, such as in Cicero's Dream of Scipio, where Scipio stays up late chatting with an old family friend. But I see no reason for not using it here. Speaking of Cicero, he also supplied somno se dare, 'to give one's self to sleep'. More poetic than simply repeating Miranda dormit.

Miranda, our title character, is seen here for the first time. I wanted to show off the fold-out bed that comes built-in to this apartment. The pyjamas and sleeping face come from a minifigure in the series 6 collection called Sleepyhead. He is quite expensive to buy on eBay, but I found one in Germany going cheap because he had no hair. I didn't need the hair, so problem solved. It does mean, however, that everyone in Legonium probably owns the same pyjamas.

Or rather, everyone except Miranda. Miranda is still seeping in her bed. Perhaps you are asking why Miranda gives herself to sleep so late into the day.