aedificium magnificum / by Anthony Gibbins

I have already had quite a bit to say about the Brick Bank, but here you can see the building in all its Lego glory. If you look closely, you can see the little laundrette in the bottom right hand corner. I struggled for a bit as to what to call the laundrette, and I'm still open to suggestions. So far I've settled, as you can see, on lavatrina vestimentorum. There is a little pun on the word 'launder' built into the Brick Bank modular. Within the bank itself is a safe with a series of safety deposit boxes and withIn the laundry are four washing machines. One of the washing machines is marked out of order, and if you throw any gold, coins or notes into the broken machine, it appears (through an ingeniously hidden Lego slide) in one of the safety deposit boxed, successfully laundered. A physical pun.

On the corner, where two streets meet, stands this magnificent building. This building contains a bank and a small laundry.