pars interior / by Anthony Gibbins

I love the attention to detail in these Lego modulars, and I want to showcase them as best as possible in my stories and illustrations. The attic room at the top of the Parisian Restaurant has a fold down wall that allows the artist's workplace to be seen. Note the stove that backs onto the chimney and the rack for storing completed paintings. I wanted the reader to be able to imagine this as a liveable space, so I invented a tiny sleeping area that is just out of sight, behind the entrance way.

I was reading this story yesterday with a group of seniors who have just completed their trial examinations. One of them responded immediately to the use of the supine - mirabile dictu - by saying that it was 'very Virgilian'. I hadn't thought of it that way, but I pleased that he did.

This - miraculous to see - is the interior part. You are able to see the stove, flowers and two pictures. You are not able to see the sleeping room.