in maeniano / by Anthony Gibbins

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I first encountered the word maenianum at Rusticatio. Rusticatio is a one week full Latin emersion held annually in West Virginia. Living in the beautiful Claymont Mansion, participants eat, drink, laugh, play, work, cook, learn, teach and tell stories entirely in Latin. And the best place for telling and hearing stories is, sine dubio, the maenianum. After the sun goes down, and the glow bugs begin to circle the trees, participants drag up a chair and a glass of wine to listen to and enjoy the sharing of tales, Latine tantum.

In our story nemo alius is on the balcony as Marcellus crosses it. At Rusticatio it seems that there is always someone on the balcony, ready to hear a tale or to tell one.

And for those of you still new to Latin, note that elegant ablative of time when, hoc tempore. Its almost as beautiful as the flowers hanging from the lamp posts. ;)

Then Marcellus walks across the balcony. At this time no one else is on the balcony.