qui quae quod / by Anthony Gibbins

Did you know that the most common word in Latin classical literature is the relative pronoun qui, quae, quod (in all its various forms)? I have to admit to being surprised by this, as I thought it would be et. But, the existence of -que splits the vote (so to speak) and so et and -que come in second and third respectively.

I didn't make this picture, but I think its awesome. I found it online by googling 'lego painter'. A better man than I would track down the original creator and ask for permission, but I have to confess to not even trying. Full disclosure.

Do you know what a painter is. I will tell you. Literally, I will make you more certain. A painter is a man or a women who paints pictures. 

By the way, the direct question would be quid est pictor? est becomes sit in an indirect question.