A Cabinet of Curiosities / by Anthony Gibbins

The Verb memini appears in the Perfect Tense when referring to the Present. Hence, ambulavisti you ran, scivisti you knew, circumminxisti* you urinated around in a circle, but meministi you remember.

The Verb debeo has two separate but complimentary meanings, I owe and I ought. multam pecuniam argentariae debeo. I owe much money to the bank. ad terram novam navigare debeo. I ought to sail to a new land.

The Adverb saltem appears to offer some sort of consolation, as in saltem ad sanitatem rediit. At least he returned to sanity.

* You may question the usefulness of the Verb circummingere. I know of only one usage, in a story about a werewolf, or versipellis. A solider, so the story goes, removed all his clothing by the side of the road, placed them in a pile then urinated around them in a circle. The clothes turned to stone, the soldier into a wolf. The wolf then ran into the forest. Supposedly the clothes would return to their normal form upon the return of the versipellis.

Marcellus, as you perhaps remember, owes much money to the bank. At least he now has one hundred dollars in this envelope.