The Story So Far: All you need to know before reading Episode Five / by Anthony Gibbins

Are you new to Legonium? Or have you forgotten some of what you have read? My advice would be to read or reread episodes 1 to 4. But, if that is not an option, this handy ‘story so far’ will bring you up to speed.

Marcellus is a painter who lives in a small loft apartment over a French restaurant (that sells pizza). He loves painting but it does not bring in a lot of money. He owes a lot of money to the bank, and if he falls behind in his payments he risks losing his home. As the story starts he needs $100 in a hurry. Luckily he has a picture of a ship for sale, a sailing ship (does that count as chiasmus?). It is hanging in the local tavern pool hall, the Montanus (Highlander).

The first time we see the Montanus, Claudia and Miranda have met there to play pool. Miranda is a police officer who protects the town. She lives in the apartment below Marcellus’. Claudia, among other things, has an enthusiasm for ancient monuments. Claudia returns to the Montanus and sees a sailor from out of town looking at Marcellus’ picture. She offers to sell it to him, then takes the $100 to Marcellus. Marcellus is happy and puts the money in an envelope.

Claudia had seen the sailor once before. In a complete homage-to-slash-rip-off-of The Cambridge Latin Course, the sailor enters the barber store of Alan and recites a rude verse. Claudia, at the time, was waiting for a haircut. But the barber was busy trimming the beard of an old man (whom we will see again, briefly, in episode 5). Alan seems very meticulous in hair hygiene. After each cut he sweeps the floor, puts the hair in a sack, and throws it in the dumpster behind the restaurant. This is labored by the story in ways that we can only hope will pay off.

The sailor is carrying a suitcase which he takes to a small room on the roof of the building that holds the pool hall. He hands it to a pair of criminal looking types, who give him a large diamond in return. They enter the small room to open the suitcase, but then the episode ends in something of a cliffhanger and we are told we will learn of the case’s contents in episode 5. So annoying.

There is a mysterious woman with ninja like skills who has been watching the small room on the roof of the building that holds the pool hall. Her name is… oh, we don’t know yet. We also saw her once on the roof of the bank. The bank is run by the bank manager, Augustus. He seems nice enough. He washes the bank clock himself, and seemed genuinely concerned when he received the memo saying that Marcellus might lose his home. But that is okay, because Marcellus has $100 in an envelope that he will take to the bank today.

There is at least one kid in town. He wears an awesome Space-Legoman t-shirt. And he was the only one to notice Pico as he ran through the restaurant to get to the kitchen. Pico is a cat who sometimes pretends that he is a dragon.

There. All caught up. *Smile*

Hello reader. It is a joy for me to see you here again. As the title signifies, today’s story is not about a person, but about an envelope.