the end of episode 5 / by Anthony Gibbins

Thank you for reading (and hopefully enjoying) another episode of Legonium. This has been an exciting month for me. I have been working very closely with the Nicholson museum at Sydney University, the fruits of which will be evident on February 1st, when episode 7 is released upon the world. Episode 6, meanwhile, is ready to go, and has a different feel – I think – to what has come before. Not to mention a tribute to Banksy! And the plot of episode 8 is currently spinning around in my head. If all goes to plan, it will introduce a new character – Monas Brickvir, investigator privatus. On another note, Legonium reached 1000 followers on Twitter this week, and I’ve had some lovely feedback from teachers using Legonium in their classrooms. I am looking forward to seeing where life will take Claudia, Marcellus, Miranda and the gang in 2017.

Whose is this money? And how was it placed in the dumpster? If you return soon, I will tell you everything.