the Legonium making-of special / by Anthony Gibbins

One of my favorite things about the Star Wars movies as a kid (I grew up with A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) were the making-of specials that they would run on TV. These were the days when it took, literally, YEARS for most movies to be shown on television! A making-of special was the next best things. They would show the models of the Star Destroyers, the green screening of Cloud city, and the actors inside all those Ewok suits. I loved them.

So, this is my own making-of special. See the picture of Marcellus up to his hips in the dumpster? He isn’t really in there. He didn’t fit. So I took his legs off and attached them to a 1x2 Lego Brick. I know, mind blown! I expect I’ll be getting my call from Lucasfilm any day now.

Marcellus climbs into the dumpster. He is able to see nothing in the darkness. Therefore he touches everything with his hands, trying to find the sack.