commotus / by Anthony Gibbins

Poor Marcellus. No matter how he feels he has trouble expressing it with his face. There is only one Lego head that comes with his signature goatee and, besides a permanently raised left eyebrow, it isn’t giving much away. Luckily, those around him can convey something of his emotional state. Augustus looks simply horrified by what is going on! And, on tomorrow’s page, you will see a woman who looks annoyed/concerned/positively put out (?) by Marcellus racing through the street.

This photo also shows the large void on the second floor of the bank that looks down into the atrium. Unfortunately, you still can’t see the impressive chandelier.

Alas! The envelope is not in [his] pocket. Nothing is in Marcellus’ pocket. He does not have the money! ‘Goodbye!’ Marcellus shouts, upset (commotus), and immediately runs out of the office.