atrium argentariae / by Anthony Gibbins

The interior of the bank is pretty impressive. There is a glass fronted counter and behind that a picture of a bridge (which Marcellus may very well have painted). The floor is tiled in grey, white and two fancy colours called sand-blue and sand-green. The shield shaped tiles are brand new – they were created for the recently released Nexo Knights range. Against one of the stained glass windows is a bench for filling out deposit and withdrawal slips. What you cannot see is the large chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. Nor the bank vault with the huge lockable door.

There is a set of stairs that leads up to the second floor, on which is situated a clerk (complete with his or her own coffee machine) and the office of Augustus. You may remember seeing this office – and Augustus – in Legonium episode two. Most of the second floor, however, is a great void, that allows you to look down into the atrium. Another set of stairs leads from the second floor up onto the roof. You may remember seeing the bank roof at the end of Legonium episode one.

Marcellus at last enters the atrium of the bank and approaches the woman standing behind the counter. Do you like the very large and ornate atrium?