Claudia / by Anthony Gibbins

If Claudia was a real person, I think she’d be pretty cool. We don’t know much about her as Legonium pars quarta opens, but we do know that she shoots pool, has an amica called Miranda and likes talking about ancient monuments. We learn quite a bit more about her in par quarta, more from what she does that what is said about her. She is thoughtful of others, smiles at a joke, and is maybe a bit of a peace keeper. She has other adventures ahead – including an overseas trip – but I really shouldn’t say too much about that.

The narrator, on the other hand, is a bit more eager to please. I guess she reflects that part of me that hopes that these stories are well received. She rejoices because you are back to hear more. I rejoice whenever I get the sense that these stories are being enjoyed. So, thank you for coming back and enjoying them!

Hello reader. I rejoice because you have returned to hear more of my story. Today I want to narrate to you more about Claudia.