plagiarism? / by Anthony Gibbins

I prefer allusion. Or sampling. Maybe referencing? Intertextuality? A shout out?

Anyway, here is the original text from the Cambridge Latin Course, Book 1. As you can see, only the names have been changed (to protect the guilty).

tonsor est occupatus. senex in sella sedet. Pantagathus novaculam tenet et barbam tondet. senex novaculam intente spectat.

And, by the way, how great is the interior of the barber store! It was the first Lego kit to come with an actual mirror. And I LOVE Alan's moustache. His head came in a small kit, and originally belonged to a robber escaping a policeman on an inflated tire. I bought the hair piece from a guy at a comic book convention. The razor came with a Peter Pan minifigure. I wasn't too fussed by the Disney range, but I bought a few, just to check them out.

Alan is busy. An old man (senex) is sitting in the chair. Alan is holding a razor (novaculam) and trimming [his] beard (barbam). The old man is watching the razor intently.