Part 6057751 / by Anthony Gibbins

Just for fun, here is an introduction (or not) to the meta-language of Lego. Firstly, this ‘piece’ is a ‘part’. And this part? Part 6057751. Also known as Cat No. 2. It was first introduced in 2015 and its colour is officially listed as Dark Orange. The part itself is filed under System: Animals and Creatures.

Part 6057751 has appeared in four sets since its inception. It’s first appearance was in Set 40125: Santa’s Visit, a Seasonal Christmas Vignette. The cat is waiting by the fireplace for Santa to arrive. Its second appearance was in Set 10684: Supermarket Suitcase, a Juniors set that also came with a lot of bread, ice-cream and flowers. I got mine in Set 10246: Detective’s Office, which is classified as a Modular Building. It’s the set with the Highlander, Al’s barber shop and the mysterious rooftop hangout. Finally, it has appeared once this year in Set 76052: Batman Classic TV Series Batcave, which is a 2,526 part Batcave based on the 60’s tv-show. Here is a link, in case you want to check it out ( Apparently they had a cat.

Part 6057751 also appeared with one Collectable Minifigure from the Lego Movie series, that is 71004: Mrs. Scratchen-Post. I recently ordered one of these on e-bay. I needed the long grey hair and I thought a back-up Pico wouldn’t be as bad idea. Speaking of online shopping, you can pick up a pre-owned but mint-condition Pico on for under a dollar. The Brick Strikes Back (France) has the cheapest, but if you are going for quantity U.S Bricks has 4,247 of them. Wow!

Okay, I think we are done here. Have a great day! Here is the translation. 

Pico, in my opinion, is an excellent cat. Today I want to tell you a story about a usual solito day in the delightful iucunda life of Pico the cat.