in animo fingere / by Anthony Gibbins

The word fingere is a one-word celebration of creativity. Take a look at the meanings suggested by the Oxford Classical Dictionary; to make by shaping (from clay, wax, molten metal, etc.), to mold or knead (materials) into shape, to form out of original matter, to create, to make a likeness of, to arrange or tidy (the hair), to transform (one’s self), to modify (one’s expression), to guide or influence (a person’s character or behavior), to compose (literary works), to coin (a word or phrase), to contrive (a plan of action), to invent or fabricate (a story, excuse or accusation), to utter (an insincerity), to forge (a will).

Or to form a mental picture of, to conjure up in the mind, to visualize.

Is it this last that Pico does every evening as he stands* upon the roof of Marcellus’ cenaculum. He conjures up in his mind (in animo) something (aliquid) pleasing or delightful (iucundum).

On the very next page we will discover what fictum he is conjuring today.

Every day in the evening it pleases Pico to stand here and conjure something delightful in his mind. Perhaps you are asking what Pico is conjuring today.

* that little plastic figure refuses to sit