the thief, the cook, the cat and the painter / by Anthony Gibbins

You may notice that in a world seen from a cat’s POV, human actors lose their names and are reduced to the things that they do.

We have seen that benignus is an adjective meaning kind. There are many adverbs that are formed from adjectives, and benigne is one of them. It means ‘in a kindly manner. Let’s look at some others;

laetus – happy laete – happily ; aequus – fair aeque – fairly ; amicus – friendly amice – in a friendly manner ; apertus – open aperte – without concealment ; promptus – ready at hand prompte – quickly ; dignus - worthy digne - deservedly ; luculentus - full of light luculente - splendidly

And the thief? Oh, don’t worry. The thief is coming.

Soon Pico hears someone knocking on the back door. It is the artist! The cook opens the door and greets the artist in a kindly manner. The cook is a friend of the artist.